Smite Matter Auria Interview

Smite Matter has been a big name in the world of iOS music production for quite some time now, releasing one of the first complete albums made with iOS apps in late 2011, Technopolis Lost, and review apps on his blog ever since. David produces everything on his iPad, using his computer solely as a […]

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An iOS Musician Interview: Galaxy Explorer

Dennis Sindram, better known as Galaxy Explorer, only started learning to play music in the spring of 2011. Producing music only on his iPhone allows him to focus solely on the music and not get distracted by thousands of knobs or fancy DAW software that, to most artists, seems like the most professional way to […]

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An iOS musician interview: Jinx Padlock

For most iOS musicians, the iPhone and iPad are devices that allow music making in places where creativity would normally be impossible. But for Richard Perry, better known as Jinx Padlock, it’s been a gateway back into music making. After taking a job in east London with a one hour there and back commute, Richard […]

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