Drum Session – Virtual Drummer for iPad

Drum Session

by Ngo Minh Ngoc

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  •   $24.99 QR code
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    iOS (iPad)

  • Version

    1.0.4 ⋅ 174 MB

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Drum Session

With a library of 3600 editable patterns, loops, and fills, Drum Session is a very fast, simple way to put together a complete drum track.

1. Select a pattern
2. Drag it onto the timeline
3. Press play

- 3600 preset patterns
- 30 complete sets of acoustic drum samples
- Record your own beats
- Piano roll style editing
- MIDI in / out
- Inter-app-audio (IAA)
- Audiobus
- AudioCopy
- Export beats as MIDI or audio files
- Connect to external drum kits or keyboards by MIDI

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