Mackie DL1608 Podcast – Episode 2


“In Episode 2 we dive into the input processing of the DL1608 and show how the high pass filter, 4-band EQ, compressor, and gate are controlled.”

This think certainly looks like a promising interface for the iPad – especially for live use! Not only does the Mackie DL1608 offer the most (12 XLR and four combo mic/line inputs) inputs of any iPad interface, but it allows you to use up to 10 other iPad to control your live mix over Wifi – all you need is a wireless router. So sound engineers and musicians can control their own mix right on stage.

I think this is a fantastic use of the iPad! Sure all of this could be done with a computer, but now anyone with an iPad can easily edit their mix from anywhere on stage, wirelessly. Just another example of how the iPad is changing the way we perform music…



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