GrainProc: an upcoming toe controlled granular processing app for iPad


Update – Email from the developers:
“The app is ready for release but we just need to take care of some incorporating issues and also get Apple’s approval before it can hit the App Store. We will probably take care of the legal issues sometime within the next few weeks and then send it for App Store review.”

There’s apparently a new granular processing app coming out that will, based on what’s shown in the above video, allow you to use your toes to control the effects in the app. That will certainly be an interesting experience. If you don’t have an iWah or AmpDock, this could be a cheaper, and unique alternative. I wonder if they’ll add Virtual MIDI for controlling other apps in the background, or Audiobus support. Could be cool to use it in the filter slot…

Shimmering Horizons” are created from fragmented, temporally manipulated, and reconstructed sonic material (plucks, strums, and less typical excitations). PediProc, the new foot-controlled granular processing app by Mayank Sanganeria and Kurt James Werner, will be available soon.“

GrainProc: live granular synthesis

by Mayank Sanganeria

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    iOS (Universal)

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    4.4.3 ⋅ 10 MB

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GrainProc: live granular synthesis

GrainProc is a real-time granular synthesizer with which you can create new sounds and musical textures by affecting your voice, your instrument, or any input from AudioBus. 2 grain engines run in parallel, allowing you to layer two sounds and create rich textures, even as a solo performer!

• 2 Granular synthesizers running in parallel
• Waveform representation of the sound allowing you to touch where you want the sound source to be
• Sliders to control dry volume, wet volume, feedback level, and grain density
• Visual level monitors of the dry, wet and feedback levels
• Simple enough to be used with your feet! We discourage using your device with your feet, though it has been used that way for public performances!


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